GARD - How to Participate


If you have an interesting collection of Games or other game data and you would consider entering all the details and submitting them into GARD, please get in touch. Researchers who contribute significant material and who need access to restricted material can apply for Participant status.

GARD is a not-for-profit resource that has been written by James Masters. GARD is managed by James Masters and Richard Ballam. Decisions on GARD participation is made by group consisting primarily of founding members of the Games Board.

The data within GARD is the valuable part and this has been created and submitted by volunteers. The primary motivation in all cases is to ensure that vital historical information that is secreted in collections and game expert's minds is not lost to posterity.


GARD Participant Agreement

Prior to being given a logon ID for GARD, participants must agree that they understand and agree to the following conditions:

  • Participants undertake, unless they have the agreement of the owner of the copyright, that they will not publish any non-publicly available GARD image or data, nor use it for commercial purposes.
  • Participants will be given the option to make data and images that they enter into GARD available publicly or for other GARD participants only.
  • Ownership of intellectual property submitted to GARD does not pass to GARD and participants remain responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions to publish it on GARD.
  • There is no guarantee that data, images, names, identities or intellectual property will be protected although it is always the intention of the administrators of GARD that all such information will be protected according to the wishes of participants.
  • Any images and data submitted by a GARD participant may be viewed by all current GARD participants, and anybody in the future who is given a login ID to GARD
  • All data submitted by a participant will be made public one year after the death of the participant.


Additional Notes

  • The above does not apply to the Copyright registrations data and pictures which have a separate agreement.
  • Copyright law supercedes any GARD rules or agreements. If you wish to publish any picture, regardless of whether it is visible publicly in GARD or not, permission should first be obtained from the owner.