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Title Author Publisher Year Published Year originally published/written General Notes
View Games and Pastimes of Childhood - An unabridge reprint of the 1657 Les jeux et plaisirs de l'enfance with 52 illustrations Jacques Stella Dover 1969 1657
View The Diary of Samuel Pepys Samuel Pepys (Ed. by Lord Braybrooke) George Routledge & Sons 1906 1659-1669 Have scanned the index and found entries for: Bowls, Cribbage, Nine Pins, Pell Mell, Shuffleboard, Suckling, Tables (Backgammon), Tennis. Most of them are just mentions; only the Pell Mell instances have useful information.
View Francis Willughby's Book of Games. A seventeenth Century Treatise on Sports, Games and Pastimes Francis Willughby. Ed. David Crann, Jeffrey L. Forgeng and Dorothy Johnston Ashgate 2003 [1672]
View Compleat Gamester or, Instructions how to play at all manner of usual and most genteel games, The Charles Cotton Barre 1970 1674
View Games and Gamesters of the Restoration Charles Cotton & Theophilus Lucas Kennikat 1930 [1674-1714] Actually 2 books with an introduction by Cyril Hughes Hartmann. The 1674 Compleat Gamester by Cotton and Lives of the Gamesters by Lucas, 1714.
View Grammar of the English Tongue Brightland 1712
View New Rules for the game of Mail, Concerning the Manner of Playing it Properly, and of Deciding the Various Points which may Arise in the Game Andrew Lang Charles Huguier & Andr? Cailleau 1910 1717 xiii, 74 pp. Introduction by Andrew Lang. Illustrated with 4 plates from wood engravings. (24mo) 5½x3¼, publisher's full red calf, gilt-lettered & tooled spine, inner gilt dentelles, floral patterned endpapers, all edges gilt, original glassine. Facsimile Edition. Facsimile of the edition of 1717 by Lauthier, which described the French game similar to Scottish golf.
View The Court-Gamester Richard Seymour 2011 1722 Self print fascimile of original 3rd edition
View Poesies sur la Constitution Unigenitus Chevalier de G.... Philalete Belhumeur, Villefranche, France 1724
View Academie Universelle des Jeux, Contenant les Regles des Jeux de Quadrille, & Quintille de l'Hombre ? trois, du Piquet, du R?versis, des Echecs, du Trictrac; & de tous les autres Jeux.... Th?odore le Gras 1739 Pages 532-556 describe Jeu de Mail. Period mottled calf, gilt-tooled spine, morocco spine label. New Edition. Paris: Théodore le Gras, 1739. The article on Jeu de Mail in this volume is taken directly from the rare 1717 work on the subject by Lauthier, in which he begins, "There are two kinds of rules for Jeu de Mail. Those upon the way to play well, and those upon the treatment of different emergencies which may arise during the game. We shall begin with the first, which are the most essential. It is certain that of all exercises Jeu de Mail is the most pleasant, the least fatiguing, and the best for health. It is by no means violent, and one can play, converse and stroll about in congenial company all at the same time...." The lengthy rules give descriptions of playing method, clubs, balls, and body attitudes, all of which bear strong resemblance to Scottish golf. According to Harry Wood in his lengthy section on Jeu de Mail & Het Kolven in Golf Curios and the Like, "In France, Jeu de Mail degenerated by way of Pall Mall in Croquet, just as the Dutch Kolf, no doubt originally a robust game, came at last to Het Kolven. Yet the French game, even in 1717, had far more in common with the Scottish golf than any form of Dutch golf of which we have any record or evidence. It was played in the open country, it was characterised by long driving, and its rules and practice show a much closer affinity with Scottish golf than any Dutch form of the game, of which, at least, any memorial survive."
View The ill effects of the game of rowlet, otherwise rowley-powley... Amos Docultree 2011 1744 Print your own Facsimile of an 18th century pamphlet.
View A Dictionary of the English Language on CD-ROM (1st & 4th editions) Samuel Johnson Cambridge University Press 1996 1755 A searchable digital version of Johnson's original dictionary and the 4th edition of it. Search results show the entry from both editions so one can compare.
View The History of Gambling (portion extracted from The Gentleman's Magazine) Justice Fielding 1756
View Heiroglyphik Bible (incomplete) c1770
View Academie Universelle Des Jeux D.J. Changuion & T. Van Harrevelt 1786
View Academie Universale Des Jeux Vols. 1, 2 & 3 Changuion & Harrevelt 1786
View Dictionary Barclay?s 1792
View Dictionary Sheridan?s 1798
View A New and Easy Introduction to Geography (By way of Question and Answer) Hatchard Longman 1802
View A Complete Course of Geography by means of Instructive Games- 5th edition Gaultier Didier & Tebbett, Harris, Etc. 1806
View Dictionary Entick 1806
View The Elegant Preceptor (3rd edn) Crosby 1809
View Hoyles Games Improved Jones Lowndes, etc 1814
View Fables Gay Skelton 1816
View A Grammar of General Geography Goldsmith Longman 1819
View A Collection of Birds and Riddles Miss Polly & Master Tommy Kendrew: York c1820
View Parlour Amusements; or a new book of games and forfeits Dean and Munday 1820
View Juvenile Martyrology Hodgson c1820
View A Visit to a Farm House by T H William Darton 1820
View Hoyles Games Improved Charles Jones (Revised and Corrected by) 1820
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