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Private Collection

NameDescriptionWebsitesExamples in GARD
Clulow CollectionAn important collection of card games from the collection of George Clulow, F.R.G.S., is listed in A History of Playing Cards by Catherine Hargrave, 1930, Dover Edition 1966. Held by the USPCC.20 Examples
The Ballam CollectionRichard Ballam's collection of mainly British manufactured games toys and puzzles. Noteable for games 1750-1950, but not attemping to be comprehensive for linen back games (for better information see the Website or card games. It includes related items which are not games, particularly an important collection of Dissected Puzzles (jigsaw type) by the game makers and a similar collection of educational toys and children’s books of the same period. Most of the printed items from the collections have been added to the JJ collection of ephemera at the Bodleian and are being added to the catalogue there.2183 Examples
The Hannas CollectionLinda Hannas amassed a huge collection of early games in addition to her collection of jigsaw puzzles. On 26/27 July 1984 most were sold at Sotheby’s, Bloomfield Place, London, and the sale catalogue gives good information.64 Examples
The Opie CollectionSee Treasures of Childhood by Iona and Robert Opie and Brian Alderson. The Opies' important collection of childrens' books was transferred to the Bodleian Library but their collection of games was not included in the transfer.4 Examples

National Museum

NameDescriptionWebsitesExamples in GARD
Collections of The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield VillageLocated at Dearborn, Michigan, USA. The collections searched online for board game showed about 240 entries mainly American games but a few British including Darton’s Elephant and Castle game with an interesting Solitaire? shown in the same picture.The Henry Ford Museum

1 Examples
The British MuseumThe two high profile jewels in the crown here are the Royal Game of Ur (yes, the real thing) and the Lewis Chessmen but there are many ancient games from ancient civilisations and more modern times. Gaming matters at the British Museum tend to be overseen by the inimitable Irving Finkel. An extremely successful travelling exhibition "Across the Board" was enthusiastically staged in 2005/6 by Irving Finkel including board games from ancient Rome Egypt and India and from around the world throughout the ages.The British Museum

British Museum Collections Database
1 Examples
The Edinburgh Museum of ChildhoodThe Edinburgh Museum has an archive of around 300 old games, mostly in archive not on display. Most have had a brief examination by us, and some notes of archive location made.137 Examples
The Victoria and Albert MuseumOne of the most important collections of British toys includes many games, some rare. Go to Collections on the V & A website then Search the Collections with "game" you get hundreds of results. Also research in the Map Library is said to be fruitful.The V & A

58 Examples

Local Museum

NameDescriptionWebsitesExamples in GARD
Hull Municipal Gallerysee Whitehouse Table Games of Georgian and Victorian Days p. 811 Examples
Norfolk Museums ServiceHouses a good collection of games, puzzles and educational toys, many of which are described in the catalogue Toy With The Idea published in 1980. The website has an image database.6 Examples


NameDescriptionWebsitesExamples in GARD
The John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera (Bodleian)One of the most important collections of printed ephemera in the world assembled by John de Monins Johnson between c.1923 and 1956. The majority of material is British and dates from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. There are over 1 million items in the original collection but additions have been made since. Most printed games from the Ballam collection are being added to the catalogue there.28 Examples
The Osborne Collection at the Toronto LibraryThe Osborne book collection at Toronto Public Library includes a good collection of table games and puzzles for children some exhibited and catalogued in 1997 under the title “Ingenious Contrivances” by Jill Shefrin.The Osborne Collection

11 Examples
The Parker Collection of GamesHeld at Birmingham Central Library. Games are gradually being catalogued.Birmingham Library

9 Examples

Company Owned

NameDescriptionWebsitesExamples in GARD
The US Playing Card Co. card gamesA very important collection many from the collection of George Clulow, F.R.G.S.7 Examples


NameDescriptionWebsitesExamples in GARD
Miscellaneous - publicUnrestricted miscellaneous items18 Examples




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