Ballam in John Johnson Collection at Bodleian

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Ballam in John Johnson Collection at Bodleian


NameBallam in John Johnson Collection at Bodleian
DescriptionA major part of the Ballam Collection (mostly printed items) has been donated to the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera at the Bodleian Library. Items retained by Richard Ballam can be found in the "Private Collection" section of this database. The Ballam Collection focuses mainly on British manufactured games toys and puzzles, especially between 1750 and 1950. It does not attempt to be comprehensive for “linen back” games (for better information see the Website or card games. It includes related items which are not games, particularly an important collection of Dissected Puzzles (jigsaw type) by game makers and a similar collection of educational toys of the same period. Cataloguing of the Ballam Collection at the Bodleian is almost complete. Records can be found at (browse, set scrollbar to title).
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