Elliott Avedon Collection

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Elliott Avedon Collection


NameElliott Avedon Collection
DescriptionIts archive of more than 5000 objects and a large number of documents about games, includes "the world's largest collection of Crokinole boards". Several online exhibits including useful archived papers on line which include some of Stewart Culin's scarce publications. Formerly at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, the physical collection was transferred to the Canadian Museum of History in 2010. However, the University of Waterloo continues to maintain the online 'virtual exhibition' of the collection which is called the Elliott Avedon Virtual Museum of Games.
Collection TypeNational Museum
Main WebsiteElliott Avedon Virtual Museum of Games
Other Website
Examples in GARD
Worryingly, the Canadian Museum of History makes no mention of its remarkable collection of games anywhere obvious on its main pages. It has a Children's Museum so the horrific possibility exists that they've miscategorised it under children's toys. The website of the place positions the link to its collections database incognito at the bottom of the page leading to the suspicion that it is one of those fashionable modern institutions which is actually more of an entertainment centre. Once you've found it the database is searchable. At Nov 2020, a search for Crokinole results in 44 examples. A search for 'bagatelle' produces 143 examples although many of them are miscategorised and are not bagatelle at all.


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