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Spears Games Archive


NameSpears Games Archive
DescriptionAn important archive of mainly British items made by the Spear Company (see Maker Spear). When Francis Spear left the company in 1986 the examples of former products were moved to a specially adapted outbuilding at his home and made available for public view by appointment. The mostly American members of AGPC (now Association for Games and Puzzles International) held their annual convention in London in 2005, and a visit to the Archive was included as well as a visit to view the Ballam collection. Subsequently Francis welcomed a visit from members of our group. The collection of old catalogues (Trade Lists) is particularly interesting, and Francis kindly donated a copy of the earliest c1903 to the Ballam collection. We are told the collection is now at the Nurnberg Museum in Germany. Some mainly German items are illustrated in the publcation Games We Play, Schwartz and Faber 1997, Spear Charitable Trust in association with Spear's Charitable Trust, ISBN 3-921590-50-7
Collection TypePrivate Collection
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