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Michael Thomson's Collection


NameMichael Thomson's Collection
DescriptionMichael Thomson's main project is to record the story of the firm of Jaques founded in 1795 and still existing today. It is built round research derived from source data including Design Registrations, Patents, Trade Marks and Copyright records; advertisements and editorial articles in magazines and newspapers; Jaques' catalogues from 1862 to the 20th century; and records held by the Jaques' company and family and their many friends who contributed in a variety of ways to the creation of the games they made. Many of Jaques games became very well known worldwide including The Staunton Chessmen from 1849, Happy Families (1861), Snap (1864), Croquet (1864), Tiddledy Winks (1888) and Gossima or Ping Pong (from 1891 to early 20th Century). They also created numerous other innovative and imaginative games throughout the Victorian era. His collection of some 800 items is an integral part of his research providing actual examples of most of the games they made.
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