Game Example: British Sovereigns

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Game Example: British Sovereigns

Game Example

NameBritish Sovereigns
CollectionBallam in John Johnson Collection at Bodleian
Object TypeGames
Manufacturer/PublisherWallis E
In Wooden Box?1
With board?
Rules included?1
Links to Maker recordsWallis E(Certain)
Wallis (Wallis family)(Certain)
Third edn. Rule book and box for tetotum only. An edition by Passmore is at V & A. Two different editions were offered at the website of Games eg Al. One was the sheet c1820 shown in Gard and the other c1835 with a colourful central illustration somewhat in style of Barfoot. See also The Royal Game of British Sovereigns. Whitehouse suggests 1820 for the Third Edition, with the final panel, 53, "Buonaparte on Board the Bellerophon" The box label has printed “The tetotum, etc for playing the GAME” then in manuscript B. Sovereigns” See a similar label on box with Tour of the United Kingdom.



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