Game Example: A Ride Through London

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Game Example: A Ride Through London

Game Example

NameA Ride Through London
CollectionThe Victoria and Albert Museum
Object TypeGames
Manufacturer/PublisherReeves JA
In Wooden Box?
With board?
Rules included?
Links to Maker recordsReeves J A(Certain)
The catalogue note for the V & A online shows "Type:race, spiral" but elsewhere "Design: lithograph, 2 sheets folded into a cardboard cover; represents a long winding road from Tower Hill to Buckingham Palace". This is a folded panorama type race track, not spiral. There are 50 squares showing London buildings on the route, and places where the player can move only one space at a time because of fog. There is an uncoloured Example at V & A, with another coloured copy offered in the Games et Al website.


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User: Anon