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Name Brief Description Copyright Registrations in this name Number of Registrations in Database Number of Examples in Database Number of Adverts in Database
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View A.B.M.M. At Woolhampton, Reading, c1890 1
View Abbey Abbey-Corinthian Games Co., Greycoat Pl. SW1. Limited production c1950. Trade Mark was name over a triangle. See Corinthian for BCM/Abbey. 2
View Absell Campaign in 1881 1
View Ackermann Ackermann & Co. Strand, London were leading high quality print sellers and publishers during the first half of the nineteenth century 1 3
View Action Games & Toys Some good quality games in plastic were marketed in 1970's (under licence from USA company). Advertised in Games and Puzzles magazine. 2
View Adams & Co. Early copyright (presumably in USA where an example was found) for Go Bang and variations 1877. See Adams 1
View Adams (Henry) Game of Sixty (Queen Victoria Jubilee) Copyright and Example. 2 1
View Adams AH Troisbilles 1875 1
View Adams W Design Registration in 1872 for Pythagoras Puzzle 1
View Adcock (Thomas) Active 1880 (early Lawn Tennis scoring sheet) 1
View Adelphi Press Produced for Spatts dog food a promotional game A Dog's Life, 1910 1
View Ahoy Series Nautical games around 1947-1950 including Drake, Flotilla and Round the Island Race, published by J Dring, Portsmouth. See also Robert Ross producing Ship Ahoy. 3
View Ainsley A (of Durham) Two Wheels of Fortune 1889 2
View Akill 1890 "Whist Card by Asbestos" 1
View Aladdin Tripples in 1970 1
View Alan Parr Ten games from Maths Centre, Hatfield under title "Entertain" in 1875 1
View Alderton 1863 Attack and Defence 1
View Allen & Co Allen & Co., Liverpool. Home Brains Trust 1945 1
View Allen A W Rules for Trafalgar, 1894. Probably the game made by Ayres. 1
View Alliance Publishing Co. Maltese Cross Puzzle in 1889. The Company was formed in 1888 and wound up insolvent in 1891. 1
View Alliance Series Nothing to do with Alliance Publishing Co. Some games appeared under this brand c1910, seemingly in Birmingham. which are similar to those by Johnson Bros. at Chad Valley Works Birmingham. See also Alliance Publishing Co.. 12
View Alma A Chess and Draught board 1854 1
View Alsop Rules for game Boomerang, 1890 1
View Altman A J He described himself in 1867 as "A J Altman trading under the name of of Feltham & Co." The firm had a long list of games in 1892. See also Feltham & Co. 5
View Ames HL Rules for Malakoff 1899 1
View Amhad Ltd. What's in the Square? c1991 1
View Ancient House Bookshop in Buttermarket Ipswich later associated with Cowells 2
View Anderson Co Scoring pad for Bridge 1903 1
View Anderson A Author of Draughts book. 3rd Edition in 1878
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