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Chad Valley - Games Manufacturer

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NameChad Valley
Brief DescriptionChad Valley was a trading name of Johnson Brothers (Harborne) Ltd. at Chad Valley Works, Harborne, Birmingham.
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See Salmon Gaffing for an early JB trade mark. Many Johnson Bros. board games are shown in Play the Game by Brian Love. Some early ones, Ludo and Spyrol in 1905, are just marked "English Made" or "English Manufacture". Others c1910 show The "Chad Valley" Games, or "Chad Valley" Series of Games. Some were Kompactum edition (Kumpactum on Invasion of Europe). A millennium project of the English Playing Card Society "Chad Valley Section" by Robert White contains useful information. Archive material was available to Brian Love for the illustrated books he produced in the 1970's but it now said to have been discarded following a company takeover. The company was in new ownership after 1971 and was taken over by Palitoy in 1978. After 1983 Woolworths had the right to use the name. Whitehouse in his preface 1951 gives his address as Chad Valley, Harborne, Birmingham. A note in the flysheet states "The Chad Valley Company, of which Major Whitehouse was for so long chairman, was in 1936 granted the Royal Warrant of Appointment - toymakers to HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother". See also Chad Valley? See also Johnson Bros. Johnson Bros Johnson Bros? A history is given in British Jigsaw Puzzles by Tom Tyler 1997. Probably absorbed the Peacock brand in 1931 and the Glevum Games brand in 1954.


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