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Carvalho D - Games Maker

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NameCarvalho D
Brief DescriptionDavid Nunes Carvalho. Printing and publishing games and dissected puzzles at 74 Chiswell Street, Finsbury Square c1830 Printing appears to be comparitively crude wood block (Whitehouse).
Principal MakerY
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8 examples

c1820Europe - Pastime in Sport / Science in Earnest
c1825Public Buildings (The new game of)
[1834]Omnibus (The Royal Game of)
c1820-1830Paul Pry
c1830Pence Table
c1830Conversation Cards on Geography
c1825-1830Multiplication Table Cards
Whitehouse describes Paul Pry and Pence Table, and lists Emulation, or Road to Knowledge. Pence Table shown for sale at website Gamesetal, advertising Conundrums, Public Buildings and Omnibus. Emulation is a sheet with 19 questions, six of them illustated, shown at the V & A website.


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