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Carington Bowles - Games Publisher

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NameCarington Bowles
Brief DescriptionAt 69 St Paul's Churchyard with games by 1759 to 1793. See Jefferys (John). See also Bowles, Bowles and Carver, Bowles & Carver.
Principal MakerY
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5 examples

c1728Beggar''s Opera (The)
c1765Bowles's Royal and Entertaining Game of the Goose
1780Bowles British Geographical Amusement, England & Wales(1791)
c1720Bubble Playing Cards Facsimile
c1759A Journey Through Europe
Packs of cards published included one of the airs of The Beggar’s Opera (Hargrave) See notes in Hannas for earlier history of the print and map selling business of his family. John Bowles had been at The Black Horse in Cornhill c1725. Thos. Bowles at St Paul’s Churchyard was selling his pack pack All The Bubbles in 1720


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