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Jaques - Games Manufacturer

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Brief DescriptionMajor makers throughout the 19th century, still trading (2020).
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The Ivory and hardwood turning business taken over by Thomas Jaques at the end of the eighteenth century and subsequently run by Thomas and John came to real prominence with the success of the chessmen pattern introduced in 1849 bearing the name of the champion Howard Staunton. This enabled the firm to aim their products at the highest end of the market. They subsequently became leading producers of Croquet and Table Tennis (“Ping Pong”) equipment. Early games by T Jaques were usually anonymous, including a series of turned whitewood boards. Rules for one board survive at Bodleian. From 1849 J Jaques was making Staunton chess and many high quality indoor games and puzzles as well as other tunbridgeware and ivory and hardwood items, as can be seen from the examples in this database. Many items are recorded in the remains of a pattern book which is all the firm has after a bomb destroyed the Hatton Garden premises c1941. In 1943 the firm opened in Thornton Heath. Book publications include works on Barrule or Eccentric Cribbage, Varique a new card game, Reversi Handbook, Croquet, and Mah Jongg.


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