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Cremer (W and W H Cremer junior) - Games Maker

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NameCremer (W and W H Cremer junior)
Brief DescriptionW Cremer was at 27 New Bond Street c1860 and his son W H Cremer junior at 210 Regent Street from c1861
Principal MakerY
Copyright Registrations in this name5
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2 registrations

12/12/1861Kaleidoscopic MouseDesign Registration (Ornamental)
12/11/1861SquabblesDesign Registration (Ornamental)
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5 examples

c1880Japanese "Go Ban"
c1875John Bull
c1870Parlour AnglersERROR:/THUMBS/examples/55/r_parlourang-th.jpg
c1861Parlour Croquet JJ1
c1865Croquet Rules (Cremer)
see Hannas notes. The New Bond Street business retailed games including some by Jaques and Ogilvy. W H Cremer at 27 New Bond Street claimed "Manufacturer and Importer of Toys and Games to Her Majesty and all the Royal Family, the Courts of Prussia, France and Austria". He showed prize medals awarded London 1862 and Paris 1867. His son at European Toy and Game Warehouse, 210 Regent Street, claimed "Makers of Games to Her Majesty's Army, and the Principal Foreign Courts". Like his Father he also claimed "By Special Appointment to HRH The Princess of Wales" and he added "The only Exhibitor of Croquets in the Exhibition of 1862, and in the Paris Universal Exhibition, 1867". "Manufactured by Cremer, Jun., 210, Regent Street".


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