Game Articles


Occasionally, one of our members or contributors may publish an article of research about games here. Papers will be accepted on almost any serious subject pertaining to games as long as it has something new to say, but obviously our focus is largely games history.

Presently papers will not be peer-reviewed for the following reasons:

  • Although many of our members have unsurpassed knowledge in their field, this website is designed to assist research and to enable knowledge to be shared - and we don't want to put any barriers in the way of achieving that. So papers may make uncorrobated assertions or not be perfectly referenced but we would rather have the knowledge of our contributors recorded than not have it at all.
  • We may have the expertise but we do not have sufficient time/resources to set up a full academic peer-review network
  • Although the Board Games Studies journal exists for the publication of serious research into the fields of all things to do with board games, we don't know of another journal that would publish a proper research article about other types of game - in particular playing cards, gaming counters, dexterity table games, pub games and other physical games. Here then, is a place for such research.
Title Author Date  
Shove Ha'penny W Bryce Neilson November 2018 Reconstructs the most probable sequence of events in the history and development of what has become an iconic British pub game.
David Ogilvy Inventor and Publisher c.1842 - 1882
David Ogilvy - Appendix 1 - List of Games 1841 - 1879
David Ogvilvy Appendix 2 - List of Puzzles
Richard Ballam June 2020 Aims to resolve the confusion surrounding this important Victorian games inventor and publisher and to record over 200 games and puzzles produced by them.
Gaming Law W Bryce Neilson Aug 2020 A short summary of some of the more important pieces of legislation relating to games and gambling from the earliest times until the year 2000.
Arithmetical Cards - of Sturt, Warter & Lenthall Neil Darbyshire Jan 2021 About the arithmetical set of playing cards, one of a number of entertaining decks from Lenthall's broadsheets around 1713.
Quartett & Tritett Games by Henry Greenwood Mike Goodall March 2021 Not really an article but apparently this was published by Stationer's Hall to protect their copyright after 1866
Jaques Board Games 1850 - 1900 Richard Ballam March 2021 A journey through all of Jaques best known board games during the period when they were leading producers (but generally not the inventors) of many new games, some of which ended up being classics that are still popular today.