Museums with Games and other Public / Private Collections of Games


For those interested in games, there are a multitude of collections, both official and private all over the world. Our list of game collections is not exhaustive - if you know of more collections, libraries or museums featuring a significant games element, please let us know.

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NameDescriptionMain WebsiteOther WebsiteExamples in GARD
Hull Municipal Gallerysee Whitehouse Table Games of Georgian and Victorian Days p. 811 Examples
Norfolk Museums ServiceHouses a good collection of games, puzzles and educational toys, many of which are described in the catalogue Toy With The Idea published in 1980. The website has an image database.Norfolk Museums Collections6 Examples
Worthing MuseumA visit is planned to record briefly what items of special interest they hold.
York Museums TrustThe York Museums have games, dissections etc. as part of Social History Collections. Some should are viewable online, but we were unable to search all easily when we tried. May be worth an enquiry before visit as many items are in archive in addition to thse on