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Serious Online Databases for Games Researchers

In addition to GARD, there are other attempts to collate and collect information and evidence for games and games related material. Many Museums run enormous databases for their collections which incorporate significant numbers of games - museum collections that we know of are featured on our Collections page.  

Jocari - Aa huge database of games from ancient times to 1800 including archeological and iconographic information. It's in French (use an online translator) and is a great resource.


Digital Ludeme Project - A five year ERC-funded research project hosted by Maastricht University. This project is a computational study of the world's traditional strategy games throughout recorded human history. For each selected games, it has various bits including game simulations, recreations, rules but also records for evidence found.


Interesting Informational websites

The On-line Guide to Traditional Games  
Board Games Studies  
Giochi dell'Oca - Italian website on the Royal Game of the Goose - beautiful pictures.  
French group aiming to collect, sort and catalog information on the triple concentric square (9 Mens Morris).  
Medieval Board Games Research from Aisling 1198  

The Board Games Studies Journal Peer-reviewed academic internet-based publication - the only serious publication for historical, mathematical and social analysis of board games.


Interesting Commercial Websites

Games Et Al Antique Shop specialising in games  
Chez Bill A website specialising in Chinese Mother of Pearl gaming counters.  
Masters Traditional Games, a quality traditional games shop with a huge & diverse range of games from 3 Player Chess to Giant Connect 4.  

Games Organisations and People

The Puzzle Museum A puzzle Museum, home of the Hordern-Dalgety Collection  
David Parlett, Author and Games Inventor  
Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors  
The English Playing Card Society  
Bruce Whitehill, The Big Game Hunter with interests surrounding American board game history, in particular