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Interesting Informational websites

The On-line Guide to Traditional Games  
Board Games Studies  
Giochi dell'Oca - Italian website on the Royal Game of the Goose - beautiful pictures.  
Jocari - a huge database of games from ancient times to 1800 including archeological and iconographic information. It's in French (use an online translator) and is a great resource.  

French group aiming to collect, sort and catalog information on the triple concentric square (9 Mens Morris).

Hong's is a non-profit website with the aim to support and promote research and information on the history of Dutch-Flemish Game.

Medieval Board Games Research from Aisling 1198  
Historical Overview of Dutch Games  

Interesting Commercial Websites

Games Et Al Antique Shop specialising in games  
Chez Bill A website specialising in Chinese Mother of Pearl gaming counters.  
Masters Traditional Games, a quality traditional games shop with a huge & diverse range of games from 3 Player Chess to Giant Connect 4.  

Games Organisations and People

The Puzzle Museum A puzzle Museum  
David Parlett, Author and Games Inventor  
Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors  
The English Playing Card Society  
Bruce Whitehill, The Big Game Hunter